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We are your Cinematographers,
your storytellers with video as a medium,
and our story is all YOU.

You are unique and beautiful,
the way you express your love is unique and beautiful,
so should your Wedding Video.


So stay, find out more, but what we really like is to hear from you, about your plans for your day, about unique and beautiful you!

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whykeenWorth The Wait – Welcome To Ichiro Films.

np . Wedding Video Same Day Edit

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“We celebrate our roles in their lives
in helping them to become the people they are today…”

np . ??? from Ichiro Films on Vimeo.

In their celebrations, Nic and Peggy constantly talked about their grandparents and parents being a model for their understanding of real love. That is essentially a common thread in their wedding, the fact that those closest around them made them who they are today, and I believe to also be the reason why they are in love with one another.

It was an absolute honor to have been able to witness their love, and to have been able to interpret it in film for them. Congratulations Nic and Peggy!

Why Keen

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3 Tricks to Test Wedding Videographer Quality

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All entrepreneurs have to be good at a few things, and a Wedding Cinematographer is no exception.

What precisely are the qualities you should be looking out for in a Wedding Cinematographer? It helps to think about the 3 roles they play on your wedding day, and check if they fulfill these roles well.


1) A Good Photographer

A Cinematographer is a photographer who produces moving rather than still images. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photographer)

Hence, a good Wedding Cinematographer is almost certainly a good Photographer. The best in the industry are all capable of capturing good shots of their subjects. In this case, they are able to capture true moments from your wedding day beautifully.

How To Check

Do this very simple test if you can, when you are watching samples online from your favourite Wedding Cinematographer. Play the video with the sound muted. If possible, pause the video at different points. Does the video play as well without sound and music? Is the freeze-frame from the video as good as the best still photographers out there?

These are some of the very unscientific ways you can use to determine for yourself if your Cinematographer has good photography skills.


2) A Good Editor

Stills from

If you are quite comfortable with your Wedding Cinematographer having decent photography skills, it is good to remember that we have sound and music in our arsenal as storytellers.

Wedding Cinematographers are after all, storytellers with video as a medium and the dimension of sound is our friend.

How To Check

Do this opposite test from the one I suggested to you earlier. Play the videos again, but this time, play it with the sound, but close your eyes and try to follow the story. Are you able to feel for the couple from the video? Are you able to follow the story?

That is essentially the job of an editor. If an editor does his or her job well, the sound should be able move you as the audience. The transitions between fast and slow music, the decisions of when to put key voiceovers or to do without are the minute to minute decisions that an editor has to make.

Another thing to remember, especially if you require the Same Day Edit, is to ask if your Cinematographer can deliver the level of quality you get from the samples within the number of hours they have to complete the edit. Some of what you see online could be a different version from the one played at the actual wedding!


3) A Personable Friend


Lastly, your Wedding Cinematographer would be there on your wedding day. Are you able to enjoy the company of this team of people throughout your celebration!

It might seem a minor point, but your comfort level makes a lot of difference in what we capture on your wedding day! Do try to get an opportunity to talk to your team, or at the very least, get a hold of the raw footage from the wedding that the team has covered.

How To Check

Try to catch the little moments of interaction between the subjects of the video and the team. Are the subjects very aware of the camera? Are the couple’s family and friends comfortable with whomever is behind the camera?


Read more at our blog.


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Nate Wang3 Tricks to Test Wedding Videographer Quality

The Pitch : They Expected a One Paragraph Synopsis, I gave them a Script and a Song

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It was all about speed. I had one night to come up with something and I did my best.

I expected that the clients, and in turn, Cindy, wasn’t expecting much in less than 12 hours. Perhaps a short synopsis with a simple storyline and descriptions on how the music video would look like. I quickly watched a few music videos, at this point, the clients have not indicated to me any videos they liked, so I had to visualize for them.

I planned on going for something cheerful, so I proposed a colorful palette. Cindy asked for a quote from us, and we quickly crunched up some numbers, all an estimate at this point, and sent it to her.


A synopsis and some style guides

A Simple Synopsis

But it couldn’t end there. I was annoyed at the thought of leaving it there because I had no idea how the video would really look, and more importantly, sound. This was an MV after all.

I went into writing the script first. I imagined the characters in the situations, and heard how it sounded like in my head. What would they sing? How would the beat go?

So I took up my iPad, started GarageBand, and wrote the song. “Because I Can”. Perhaps it is a reflection of how I felt. I knew that this was unexpected, either by Cindy or the clients, but I knew that they would see my sincerity if I pulled it off. At this stage, it was already 1a.m. in the morning on the day the pitch is due. By the time I finished writing, arranging and singing, it was 6a.m. and I submitted what I had. Little did I know, this would be the beginning of 2 months of sleepless nights!

I uploaded the song together with the script pitch. They expected a one paragraph synopsis, but I gave them that, a 2 page script, and a 1 minute song, thinking, “I think I did good.”

If you are curious how it sounded, here it is. But be warned! I was tired, had very little time, and very basic equipment.

whykeenThe Pitch : They Expected a One Paragraph Synopsis, I gave them a Script and a Song

Lets Talk About Our Gs and As

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Let’s Talk About Our Gs And As

Wedding Video

Abuse and suffering.

This is not your typical wedding video.

Watch what Guorong and Amanda’s friends have to say about them in “Let’s Talk About Our Gs and As”. Guorong and Amanda wanted something atypical, and I told them, it really depends on your friends. It is an absolute joy covering a wedding, and everyone treats you like one of them.

I feel so much love at this very personal, very chill wedding, congratulations again guys!

~ Why Keen

whykeenLets Talk About Our Gs and As

The Script : Corporate Music Video Storyboard in 1 day!

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Storyboard in one night!

Was it a call? Was it an email? I think Cindy, one of our wedding clients, emailed Lance and asked if we wanted to support her in sending a pitch in for a campaign, we agreed immediately! It was for an MV (music video), which was something totally new for us. The only thing was, we had to come up with a storyboard in 1 day!

It was an incredible journey doing this project, and we will try to capture a bit of it here, in a series of articles on our blog. Who knows? This could be the biggest production we would ever be involve in, but the process was beautiful!

Follow the hashtag #thepitch, or stay tuned here for updates if you want to follow.


whykeenThe Script : Corporate Music Video Storyboard in 1 day!

timely for each other

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timely for each other

Wedding Video

“Back then we were merely ‘Hi-Bye’ friends leading our own lives.
We reconnected 12 years later over Facebook and decided to catch up over coffee.
The rest is history.
We met at the right time, timely for each other.”

~ Berlinda

Besides the lovely message that Berlinda said during their marriage matrimony, the song at the end which they also chose as their march-in song had lyrics which shows how much they loved each other.

Loosely translated, it goes, “It is you who made my life perfect, compared to the rest, you are my everything” Without second thought, I chose this song to represent them as well. Thank you, once again, for trusting us to capture these special moments of your lives.

– Lance

Lance Ongtimely for each other

near near

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near near

Same Day Edit

“In poverty, I will make you, Yang Chun Mian (plain soup noodle) with solo (fish cake).
In wealth, I can still make you Yang Chun Mian with solo…”

~ Spencer

Personally, I was moved by this sentence of Spencer’s vows. This simple sentence tells us that Spencer and Luelle’s happiness as a couple will not change, regardless of what may come in the future.
We had a lot of fun, especially with the Care Bear Theme, and the bride, groom, groomsman and bridesmaid being exceptionally sporting and playful, it was amazing being part of this wedding!
– Lance

Lance Ongnear near

Is About Fami+lysa Now

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Is About Fami+lysa Now

Split Day Edit

“Family is there, who will stick by you.
Family is there, who will be the closest to you
no matter up and down…”

~ Caleb

As the eldest brother in the family, Caleb was a very independent and private person, he would do things without relying on anyone. Lysa, on the other hand, was the baby in her family. She loves her family, often putting her family’s needs above herself.
After meeting her, Caleb learnt how to cherish his family a little more. And that is why, to him now, it is all about Fami+lysa!

Lance OngIs About Fami+lysa Now