Worth The Wait – Welcome To Ichiro Films.

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We of Ichiro Films are your storytellers.
We call ourselves videographers or cinematographers which is basically storytellers with video as a medium,
and our story is all about You.

Your day is unique and beautiful,
you are unique and beautiful,
and the way you express your love to each other is unique and beautiful too, So should your Wedding Video.

So stay, find out more, but what we really like is to hear from you, about your plans for your day, about unique and beautiful you!

Call Or Whatsapp us! Why Keen @ 91094628 or Christopher @ 98427458.
Email us @ enquiry@ichirofilms.com

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We would love to hear from you!

whykeenWorth The Wait – Welcome To Ichiro Films.

You, Me, Always photo stills

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“You, Me, Always” was a snapshot of a very lighthearted, fun, wedding. Their candor during the vows exchange described their relationship. And Beth really hated to be caught crying onscreen!


Lance OngYou, Me, Always photo stills

Jack and Dilys, Yes I do, Tan Jin Gu

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“I do. I’ve waited for so long… …”

Yes I do, ??? from Ichiro Films on Vimeo.

Jack always loves to joke around and Dilys is the perfect audience for his humor. Therefore, when Jack responded that way during their vows exchange ceremony, it immediately inspired me into using it as the title for the video. It perfectly represented the dynamics to this couple’s relationship.

So too, the very “Chinese” sedan procession which drew some attention lately!

Lance OngJack and Dilys, Yes I do, Tan Jin Gu

Jack and Dilys, Yes I do, Tan Jin Gu Stills

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Thank you for giving us this opportunity to record these moments Jack, and your warm SMS sharing your comments later was much appreciated! We wish both of you lots more wonderful moments in the near future, thank you Jack and Dilys!

Lance OngJack and Dilys, Yes I do, Tan Jin Gu Stills


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They needed someone at the same point in their lives,
call it serendipity,
call it God’s will,
what do I know? I am just a videographer.

SerendipitousMe from Ichiro Films on Vimeo.

Aston and Celest’s wedding was one of the most emotional weddings I have attended. The relationships between their family and them were so strong it was inspirational. When Celest was sharing about the sacrifices her dad had to make, I was thinking about my own parents and my children, when Aston’s brother went up to share, I was thinking about my kids and the kind of brotherhood they have.
Celest’s words after the wedding summed up how I felt when I relived the moments when I edited :-
“… your work completely embodied what we wanted to convey and what was important. We were so incredibly moved by the video because it just spoke volumes about the celebration of love and family. After the wedding reception, so many guests were saying that the video helped them to get to know us as a couple and that it was just bursting with love. Thank you SO much. We could not ask for more…”
Being able to capture at least one per cent of what I felt was priceless. I can sleep that much better tonight, I feel.

Lance OngSerendipitousMe

Coming Home

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“To others,
home is just a place, 
a house, 
but to me home is being there beside you… …”

Coming Home from Ichiro Films on Vimeo.

Michelle was appreciative when Alan gave her his blessings to pursue career in Hong Kong a few years ago. Coincidentally, when she was back , Alan had to fly over to Australia for his pilot training for more than a year. This time, Michelle gave him her blessing and was willing to wait for him till he come back to get settled down.

The separation over the past few years strengthened their relationship, and they now cherish the time even more when they are together.

Therefore, when they suggest their concept to us to be included in their trailer, we decided to execute it without much hesitation. It was extremely fulfilling when they said, “This is exactly what we wanted!” Thank you for giving us this chance to share your lovely story and sporting enough to film the concept in the hot noon sun!

Lance OngComing Home

5 Years in a Row!

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We are really glad and honored to announced that Ichiro Films has once again been recognized by Singapore Tatler as The Best of Singapore in the Wedding Videography title for the Fifth year running! We wouldn’t have gone far without your continued support and faith in us. This award is also for all our Fans, Partners and Couples that believed in us.

Lance Ong5 Years in a Row!

To Fill Our Book

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“… before you got off the car
I gave you this album scrapbook
and asked you to open it later
because I was shy … “
When Choon Seng passed a scrapbook with journal entries for each of the dates he had been with Karen, she returned it to him. Asking him to complete it.
It was the coolest move to affirm a relationship ever! When he completed the pages of the book, Choon Seng added that last page that you will see, which is extremely sweet

To Fill Our Book from Ichiro Films on Vimeo.

Lance OngTo Fill Our Book